Assembly District 25 - Democratic Primary



Age: 26
Occupation: Chief of Staff, Assembly member Kavanagh
Education: N/A

Nily Rozic is a first generation immigrant from Israel, who believes she can identify with the diversity of the district and its large immigrant population. She is a member of Community Board 8 and of the Hillcrest Jewish Center. Rozic has significant political experience, advancing from being a scheduler to chief of staff in Assembly member Brian Kavanagh’s office. She demonstrates a strong commitment to reform issues in that capacity. If elected, her top priority is establishing a state campaign finance system with public matching funds modeled on New York City’s. She additionally supports banning the building of campaign war chests enabling candidates to transfer funds from one campaign to another for a different office. While disappointed an independent redistricting commission was not created for drawing 2012 lines, she would vote for second passage of a constitutional amendment to create one for future redistricting. Rozic also emphasized the importance of making voter registration more open and accessible through government agencies. Other issues that she has been focused on include improving voter access for non-English speakers and increasing the minimum wage. Rozic believes she is best qualified to serve given her experience working on legislation in Albany and that her independence will enable her to vote her conscience. Citizens Union believes Rozic will be a passionate voice for good government given her knowledge and experience working on those issues for a reform legislator.  Rozic’s commitment to our agenda gives her the edge in earning our preference in this race with two strong candidates.


Age: 52

Education: New York University (BA) St. John’s University (JD)
Jerry Iannece currently serves as Chair of Community Board 11 in Queens and maintains his own law practice as a trial attorney. Iannece believes running for assembly is a natural progression stemming from his local activism aimed at fixing his community’s problems. Iannece supports many good government measures and highlights campaign finance reform as one of his top priorities. He thinks the astronomical amount of money in state politics has caused communities to become mistrustful of government and believes that the city’s campaign finance laws are significantly better than the state’s. Iannece also supports the second passage of a constitutional amendment to create an independent redistricting commission. On budget reform issues, he wants to increase transparency and provide more power to rank-and-file lawmakers. He supports reestablishing the office of Special Prosecutor in New York to combat corruption in Albany. Beyond reform, Iannece if elected would work to increase the minimum wage and pass the DREAM Act. He feels he can effectively build coalitions in Albany, pointing to his experience in getting a new sewer system in Bayside while on the community board. Iannece has extensive experience in the community and is knowledgeable about policy even while his background is largely community-based. He is a well-rounded candidate who only falls short of earning our preference because of his opponent’s deep demonstrated commitment to reform.