Assembly District 28 - Democratic Primary

AD 28 District Map

Preferred Candidate
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Andrew Hevesi's Candidate Questionnaire
Age: 36 Occupation: Member, NYS Assembly
Education: Queens College (BA)
Assembly website:

Seeking reelection as state assemblyman for the 28th district for the third time since winning a special election in 2005, Andrew Hevesi points to his support for reform while in office as evidence that he will continue to promote Citizens Union’s agenda.  Hevesi is in favor of every one of CU’s stances toward reform. A co-sponsor of independent redistricting commission legislation, Hevesi emphasizes redistricting as one of the three reform issues most important to him, along with ethics reform and campaign finance reform.  While working in the Assembly, he has voted in favor of bills regarding each of these issues, and has stated his intent to continue doing so. Among the particular issues he stresses most, he believes that legislators should be required to fully disclose all of their finances. Chair of the Subcommittee on Renewable Energy since 2008, Hevesi co-sponsored a bill promoting green industry that passed last year and has focused on the environment as a primary campaign issue.   Hevesi is also focused on restoring funding that was cut for primary education, as well as improving quality of life within his district by, for example, placing seals on top of trains that emanate foul odors while running through his district.   Hevesi’s legislative accomplishments also include the 2006 passing of a bill he wrote that strengthened the penalties for repeat domestic abusers. Citizens Union views Hevesi as an assemblyman capable of advancing important state legislation while still keeping in mind the needs of his constituents.  CU supports Assemblyman Hevesi’s reelection because he is an able and reform-minded legislator.

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Joe Fox's Candidate Questionnaire
Age: 54 Occupation: Law Office of Joseph L. Fox
Education: Stony Brook University (BA); St. Johns University School of Law (JD)

Campaign website:

Joe Fox, a business attorney and resident of Forrest Hills for 30 years, is making his first run for elected office.  Fox possesses diverse experience including work as counsel to the Consumer Affairs Committee in the Assembly and as a legislative attorney in the City’s Office for Economic Development during the Koch administration.  Fox points to his early signing of the New York Uprising pledge as evidence of his firm support for principles supported by good government organizations.  He supports removing politicians from the process of drawing district lines to encourage greater competition in legislative contests.  Fox calls for greater transparency to member items but believes they should be retained. Fox, if elected, believes reform will not be accomplished by being combative with leadership.  Instead, he wants to begin a conversation to open the Democratic conference, and increase debate and discussion on policy. Regarding local issues, Fox believes he can provide a greater level of service to the district, claiming the incumbent has not been accessible enough to constituents.  Citizens Union believes Fox is a strong candidate.  He demonstrates an understanding of issues and has experience in government and the community. He hasn’t, however, made an adequate case as to how reform of the legislature would be better served through his representation rather than the incumbent’s.