Assembly District 33 - Democratic Primary

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Barbara Clark's Candidate Questionnaire
Age: 71 Occupation: Member, NYS Assembly
Education: N/A
Assembly website:

Barbara Clark, a member of the State Assembly for the past 23 years, wants to continue serving her constituents and improving conditions within the community she represents.  If reelected, her top priority is to bring a full-service hospital to Southeast Queens which she believes will not only increase the quality and quantity of health care in the district, but also have the secondary benefit of economically revitalizing the area.  Education is another top priority for Clark as she would like to establish a community college in her district to provide people with the necessary job skills necessary to compete in the job market. Affordable housing is also of great importance to her.  With regard to reform issues, Clark supports an independent redistricting commission and was a multi-sponsor of the Valesky/Gianaris bill.  She also supports extending the term of state elected office from two years to fours years, because she believes this will eliminate the disproportionate influence that lobbyists and unions have on the legislature that undermines the development of good policy.  Although Clark supports transparency and accountability in member item allocation, she does not support distributing member items equally among all legislators.  She believes that current system, where organizations must present receipts to the Secretary of State to show how the monies were used, achieves the necessary accountability and transparency.  Citizens Union is concerned by her position on member item reform especially in the wake of the controversy surrounding Clark’s own involvement in the non-profit Community Care Development Project she founded that has received close to $500,000 in member items from Clark.  Although Clark is supportive of certain reforms and is clearly committed to serving the needs of her district, CU believes the controversies surrounding her funding of organizations with questionable spending practices gives us pause and prevents us from preferring her in this race.


Clyde Vanel's Candidate Questionnaire
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