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Francisco Moya's Candidate Questionnaire
Age: 36 Occupation: Director of Intergovernmental Affairs, Cablevision
Education: St John’s University (BA); National Urban Fellows Program (MPA)
Campaign website:

Francisco Moya, running for office for the third time, is a former Director of Strategic Planning and Development at Elmhurst Hospital, was a staffer for former Democratic Senate Minority Leader David Paterson, and is a current Democratic District Leader.  Moya is an activist in his community with deep awareness and knowledge about the different needs of the district.  He has demonstrated his dedication to the community by helping start the after-school sports program at St. Leo’s School and organizing residents to go to Washington, D.C. to protest against anti-immigrant policies.  Given his experience in the public sector, Moya seeks office in order to bring dignity and integrity to the office, as well as resources to the community.  Moya supports Citizens Union’s agenda on reform, particularly with regard to independent redistricting and campaign finance.  He believes that redistricting reform is a priority because the current method of legislators drawing district lines results in divided communities that make it difficult for certain populations to receive services, as is currently the case in Corona.  Moya backs a public financing system for state elections modeled on the system in New York City.  Regarding local issues, Moya emphasizes the importance of health care services, public safety, and education in his district.  Moya is concerned that the closing of hospitals in the area have caused increased volume at Elmhurst Hospital while causing layoffs of numerous employees.  Gang-related violence is also troubling, and so Moya will prioritize adequate funding for police officers in addition to advocating for after-school programs and a community center.  Citizens Union endorses Francisco Moya given his support for key reform issues and significant engagement in district matters. 


Humberto Suarezmotta's Questionnaire
Age: 54  Occupation: Insurance Broker and Business Consultant
Education: CUNY (BA); Dowling University (MBA)
Campaign website:

Humberto Suarezmotta is seeking election to the Assembly, as he believes that it is a natural extension of his work in the community through his church, teaching English as a second language, and other volunteer work.  Suarezmotta has a background in economics and finance, and believes that his knowledge of these areas would allow him to analyze complex policy issues.  His top issues, if elected, would be to create jobs, aid small businesses in receiving credit, and expanding educational opportunities to the immigrant community.  Suarezmotta specifically supports allowing immigrants to have access to programs that allow them to obtain a G.E.D.  On reform issues, Suarezmotta supports reform of the redistricting process, but did not have a clear understanding of how he would want it to be accomplished.  He opposes requiring the state to abide by Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), as be believes the current budget process is already too complicated.  In general, Suarezmotta did not have a clear grasp of reform issues, but stated that he would evaluate reform issues in a systematic way.  While Humberto Suarezmotta’s commitment to improving his community is clear, Citizens Union does not believe he has a firm enough grasp of reform issues or the legislative process in order to be an effective advocate for change and thus does not endorse his candidacy.