Assembly District 40 - Republican Primary







Age: 60
Self employed

Education: Master of Music (name of degree-granting institution not provided)

Sunny Hahn has served the Flushing community for the past 20 years and is seeking office to continue her family tradition of public service. She seeks to transform Flushing into a “shining city on a hill,” making Flushing not only an economic center of New York but a cultural and spiritual one. Hahn acknowledges a lack of familiarity with or prioritization of reform issues but believes budget reform needs to be addressed. Hahn also intends to change Albany’s pay-to-play culture but lacked concrete solutions to address the problem. If elected, she says she will vote favorably on reform issues should they arise.  Hahn’s primary passion is connecting Flushing with its historical role in the Flushing Remonstrance by building a monument to religious tolerance. She believes celebrating Flushing’s role as the birthplace of religious freedom in America stemming from its 1657 petition demonstrating tolerance for the Quaker faith will spark tourism and complement Flushing’s economic growth. Hahn is also concerned with modernizing public transportation around Flushing and restoring the RKO Theater to further Asian culture in New York City. Hahn believes that she has the integrity necessary for the job and highlights that if elected she will not owe anything to anyone. Citizens Union believes Hahn is passionate about creating a more spiritual Flushing steeped in the arts but lacks deep knowledge of other issues impacting the state.


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