Assembly District 57 - Democratic Primary


Age: N/A
Former employee, U.S. House of Representatives

Education: Temple University (degree not reported); University of London (degree not reported); School of Industrial & Labor Relations, Cornell University (degree not reported)

Olanike Alabi is running for State Assembly because she is committed to public service, would like to increase representation of women in the legislature, and believes she could utilize government to make a difference in people’s lives. As a district leader, Alabi has interviewed poll workers to help ensure the efficiency of poll sites on Election Day. She has also used her position as district leader to stock food pantries and raise funds for local public schools. Alabi would like to see more accountability for government agencies and would look at how these agencies are performing to ensure their efficiency. She has stated that she embraces CU’s reform issues and would like to see public financing of campaigns instituted and would vote in favor of the redistricting reform constitutional amendment. Seeing its operations first-hand, she is also in favor of reforming the boards of election so that employees are appointed based on merit. Alabi believes that she could work together with Citizens Union to achieve many of her and our reform goals. Other pressing issues for Alabi are healthcare, education, and housing—she sees foreclosures as a major problem and would like to create a counseling program for those who have been forced out of their homes. Due to her specificity about how to bring about government reform and her legislative interests, Citizens Union prefers her in the Democratic Primary.




Age: 41

Education:  N/A

Martine Guerrier has over twelve years of public service experience and is a self-described policy nerd. She has worked with non-profits and has significant executive and administrative experience working as the Chief Family Engagement Officer for the Department of Education and on the Panel for Educational Policy. In terms of government reform, Guerrier is in favor of a better alignment between campaign finance and lobbying oversight, as well as greater ethics reform. She sees the need for more transparency around the budget, and would like the governor to relinquish some of his budget power back to the legislature. She supports a state campaign finance system with public matching funds, as well as second passage of the redistricting constitutional amendment. Guerrier would also advocate for increased unemployment benefits, and supports improving the New York City food supply by working with farmers in New York State, which she believes in turn would provide an incentive against land being utilized for hydrofracking. While Citizens Union was very impressed by her policy knowledge and political insight, CU questions the viability of her campaign because of her lack of financial, institutional and community support.

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Age: 43

Education: Pennsylvania State University (BA); Howard University (JD)

Walter Mosley has been an active district leader for close to five years. Since he was raised in Crown Heights and now lives in Clinton Hill, Mosley believe that he is very familiar with the district’s needs. He has worked many levels of government, as a policy analyst for the City Council, and a legislative aid in Albany. He is running for office because he wants to continue the work he has done as district leader and improve public safety. In his questionnaire, Mosley indicated support for every reform issue. He committed to vote for a second passage of the constitutional amendment to reform redistricting, and supports legislation to establish a state campaign finance system with public matching funds modeled on New York City’s. Mosley sees affordable housing, job creation, and education as the key issues in the district. His most specific proposal was to create a local development corporation in the area to promote economic growth. Mosley claims he sees the “bigger picture,” and would work to create change that lasts over the next several years. Mosley is an intelligent and skilled candidate with experience and potentially useful political connections. Citizens Union, however, found him to be too vague about the reform issues for which he indicated support