Assembly District 64 - General Election 2012


Age: 31
Occupation: Member, NYS Assembly
Education: Seton Hall University (BA);
Wagner College (MBA)

Nicole Malliotakis is running for re-election on her accomplishments as a freshman Assemblymember and her bipartisan approach. Before becoming an Assemblymember, she worked for Governor Pataki and the late Senator John Marchi. Elected in 2010, Malliotakis counts among her achievements repeal of the MTA payroll tax for small businesses and sales tax on clothing under $110, and passage of independent redistricting, ethics and pension reform. If re-elected, she will focus on lowering the cost of MTA fares and tolls and improving bus service for her district. She will vote for second passage of the constitutional amendment to reform redistricting, noting that she bucked her conference’s position to vote for the first passage. She has worked across the aisle in the Assembly to pass a good government bill requiring votes of lawmembers to be posted online, and has taken the MTA to court over violations of the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL). Malliotakis does, however, oppose some CU reforms like public funding of elections, since she believes taxpayers’ money should not be used for campaigning. She does support limiting campaign contributions and contributions to housekeeping accounts. She shows flexibility on election reform issues provided increasing participation doesn’t compromise secure voting. Even though Malliotakis differs with Citizens Union on some issues, Citizens Union was impressed with her knowledge and ability to move forward reform issues even while in the assembly minority. We therefore endorse her candidacy.



Age: 31
Occupation: Community Education Centers
Education: Wagner College (degree not reported)

John Mancuso is running for assembly because he believes he can more effectively deliver for Staten Island than the incumbent. Previously the chief of staff for City Councilmember Vincent Gentile, Mancuso supports most of Citizens Union’s reform agenda. He supports establishing a campaign finance system with public matching funds for state elections. He believes candidate spending should be capped under such a system, and that union and corporate contributions should also be banned. He additionally backs second passage of a constitutional amendment to reform redistricting. If elected, Mancuso’s top priorities will be assisting small businesses, and reforming education and transportation. Mancuso supports ending mayoral control of New York City Public Schools and returning to a community school board model. Mancuso also proposes directing more money from the state lottery to schools by providing delayed lump sum payments to lottery vendors, and giving the interest earned on the withheld money to local schools. Mancuso aims to distribute toll costs more evenly across the city by charging New York City drivers only one toll a day, and establishing a toll for East River crossings. Mancuso vows to interact regularly with his district, and to convene a council of local civic leaders to create greater connections with the district. Citizens Union believes Mancuso is very energetic, and lauds him for developing creative and original proposals. He is an able challenger but an impressive incumbent prevents us from endorsing a change for the district.