Assembly District 65 - General Election 2010

AD 65 District Map

Endorsed Candidate
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Micah Kellner's Candidate Questionnaire
Age: 31  Occupation: Member, NYS Assembly
Education: New York University (BFA)
Campaign website:

Micah Kellner was first elected in a special election in 2007 and won re-election in 2008. Kellner is supportive of the large majority of CU’s reform agenda, supporting an independent redistricting commission, greater transparency in government, ethics reform, and other items.  In his three years in office, he has been disturbed by the lack of transparency in legislative operations and the state budget, and has introduced a number of reform bills that seek to bring greater transparency to the committee process.  Kellner is the prime sponsor of other initiatives such as the Open NY Act to require all documents subject to the freedom of information law to be provided for free online.  He is also the prime sponsor of the Public Corruption and Enforcement Act in the Assembly that would make ethical behavior legally mandatory by creating a duty of “faithful public service,” require greater disclosure of outside income, ban gifts, and strengthen the power to prosecute bribery.  Kellner states that he is independent of Assembly leadership, having introduced legislation to only enact pay increases for judges, not legislators.   He is also a co-sponsor of legislation sponsored by Assemblymember Gianaris to create an independent redistricting commission.  On issues of importance to his district, he has introduced legislation to reform the Roosevelt Island Operation Corporation, which he believes has operated in a corrupt manner.  Kellner has also introduced legislation to provide incentives for rent reductions for stores on Second Avenue by giving real estate tax abatements for building owners.  Citizens Union is impressed by Micah Kellner’s record of introducing reform initiatives in the State Assembly given his short tenure, and believes that he is a strong advocate for reform, thus supporting his re-election to the Assembly. 

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Mike Zumbluskas's Candidate Questionnaire
Age: 50  Occupation: Wireless Support Specialist, NYC Department of Transportation
Education: University of Scranton (BA)
Campaign website:
Mike Zumbluskas has been an active Independence Party member, having attempted runs at Public Advocate, State Senate and Congress over the last ten years.  He supports returning fiscal responsibility to Albany through pension reform and requiring that overtime for state employees be approved by deputy commissioners or commissioners to ensure accountability.  Zumbluskas also supports energy policy reform, believing that New York City should not pay to remove its garbage, but rather use it to generate energy in the five boroughs.  On reform issues, he supports lessening the power of the Speaker by allowing bills to be discharged out of committee and requiring three days of debate by all legislators.  He also supports requiring all legislation to be drafted in common language, cutting funding for member items by 25% and equalizing them across districts.  Zumbluskas supports the creation of an independent redistricting commission, but opposes the creation of an Independent Budget Office and public financing for campaigns.  On issues important to his district, he supports modified tax relief for businesses on Second Avenue, supporting a credit for businesses which can prove lost income.  Zumbluskas also supports the infusion of resources to rebuild infrastructure.  Citizens Union believes that Mike Zumbluskas has some interesting ideas for new policies in New York and is a well-intentioned candidate, but lacks the experience and legislative knowledge to be a more effective advocate than the incumbent, Micah Kellner.