Assembly District 73 - General Election

AD 73 District Map
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Jonathan Bing's Candidate Questionnaire
Age: 40 Occupation: Member, NYS Assembly
Education: University of Pennsylvania (BA); New York University School of Law (JD) 
Campaign website:

Jonathan Bing, the incumbent state assemblymember, is running for re-election.  One of his top priorities, if re-elected, would be to improve education within his district.  Although he has helped to bring three new schools to the east side of Manhattan, Bing believes that the schools in his district remain overcrowded.  He has also proposed a bill that would end the longtime practice of “last in, first out” when teachers are laid off, which drew the ire of the local teachers’ union and resulted in one of their executives running against Bing in the primary.  Other top priorities for Bing include increasing access to healthcare and affordable housing, supporting the arts, and supporting the business community within the district.  He cites his ability to work across the aisle in addition to building coalitions, which has resulted in the passage of 70 bills that he authored during his service in the Assembly, 30 of which became law.  Among his legislative accomplishments is the recently approved no-fault divorce bill.  With regard to specific reform issues, Bing is a co-sponsor of Assemblymember Gianaris’s bill establishing an independent redistricting commission, which he believes will result in elected officials who are more responsive to their constituents.  Bing also supports term limits for committee chairs.  He backs campaign finance reform including public financing because he feels it will lead to more competitive elections.  Bing has been an able legislator for his constituents and has shown an impressive ability to move legislation.  For these reasons, Citizens Union endorses Jonathan Bing.

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Paul Niehaus' Candidate Questionnaire
Age: 38  Occupation: Attorney
Education: Princeton University (AB); University of Chicago Law School (JD)
Campaign website:

Paul Niehaus, an attorney, is running because he is concerned with the fiscal state of New York.  He stated that he mainly agrees with the incumbent, Assemblyman Bing, on social issues but disagrees with him on fiscal issues, particularly taxes and spending.  He stated that he intends to be an independent voice in the Assembly for the people of New York City and specifically for citizens of Manhattan, who lack any elected representation in the Republican Party.  If elected, public pension reform would be Niehaus’s top priority.  He believes that the current public pension system is putting the state on a path to bankruptcy.  With regard to reform issues, Niehaus supports eliminating member items because he believes that they turn into unspoken returns for favors and, in the worst cases, outright bribery.  According to Niehaus, if a specific project or non-profit truly should receive funding, it can go through the normal allocation process within the legislature.  He also backs making the ballot more accessible because he believes the current system is designed to favor incumbents and make it difficult for challengers to get on the ballot.  Niehaus supports redistricting reform and the creation of an independent redistricting commission which he recognizes is not the most popular position among other Republicans.  Paul Niehaus is a compelling and thoughtful candidate who has a clear understanding of the issues facing his district and a concrete commitment to reform.  In what is an all too common trend this election season, capable and compelling challengers are taking on reform-minded incumbents rather than those who are entrenched opponents of reform.  Niehaus is one of those challengers that we would like to see challenge a different incumbent.