Assembly District 81 - General Election


Age: 57
Occupation: Member, NYS Assembly
Education: Herbert H. Lehman College (degree not reported);
Brooklyn Law School (degree not reported)

Jeffrey Dinowitz has represented New York’s 81st district in the state assembly since 1994, when he won a special election.  Dinowitz is seeking re-election because he loves his job, and thinks he does a good job of helping his community.  If re-elected, Dinowitz would focus on improving schools and increasing access to and quality of affordable housing.  Dinowitz supports the majority of Citizens Union’s reform agenda, and has sponsored legislation in the assembly to increase voter registration services at the State University of New York (SUNY) and City University of New York (CUNY).  He is particularly enthusiastic about campaign finance reform, and supports a campaign finance system with public matching funds for state elections.  Citizens Union believes that Dinowitz is knowledgeable on reform issues, and that his legislative record matches his vocal support of reform.  Citizens Union therefore supports his candidacy.




Has not returned questionnaire
Candidate could not be scheduled for an interview by Citizens Union