Assembly District 81 - General Election 2010

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Jeffrey Dinowitz's Candidate Questionnaire
Age: 55  Occupation: Member, NYS Assembly
Education: Lehman College (BA); Brooklyn Law School (JD)
Assembly website:

Dinowitz is running for re-election, having first been elected in 1994.  He started out as a District leader in 1986, running against the Democratic county machine.  He is active with the Benjamin Franklin Reform Club, and is the Chair of the Bronx County Democratic Committee and states that he has continually worked for reform in local politics.  Dinowitz is a multi-sponsor of Assemblymember Michael Gianaris’s bill to establish an independent redistricting commission, and opposes legislation that would allow legislators to directly appoint members to a redistricting commission.  He also supported ethics legislation that was passed by the legislature and vetoed by the Governor.  Dinowitz supports the majority of Citizens Union’s reform agenda, though he opposes fully equalizing member items and reducing ballot signatures.  On ballot signatures, he believes that progress has been made to make the process less burdensome, and has introduced alternate reform proposals such as instituting a fee to be on the ballot in lieu of signatures.  Dinowitz’s top goals for the district are to continue the fight against the Croton Water Treatment Plant, stop the closing of senior centers, give the community a greater voice in education, and enact campaign finance and redistricting reforms.  Citizens Union endorses Jeffrey Dinowitz, as he has been an effective legislator for his district while standing up to leadership, and has demonstrated his independence through his work in local politics in the Bronx.

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Joe McLaughlin's Candidate Questionnaire
Age: 42  Occupation: Real Estate Development
Education: The College of the Holy Cross (BA)
Campaign website:

Joe McLaughlin is seeking election to the Assembly, having been born and raised in Assembly District 81 and believing that there is a need for the people to stand against the corruption in Albany.  He is currently involved with low-income real estate development for TMG Housing, LLC, though he noted that he does not have any projects in New York State.  McLaughlin believes that legislation should be presented in plain language so that average citizens can understand issues being addressed in Albany and be able to comment to their legislators.  He also supports reforms to lessen the power of leadership, such as equalizing member items while also reducing the amounts of funds spent, as well as creation of an independent redistricting commission.  McLaughlin supports a spending freeze in conjunction with a freeze on taxes, while also looking at ways to cut waste.  He also supports increasing the number of charter schools, tort reform, and using tax incentives to attract new businesses to the state.  Though a sincere candidate, Citizens Union believes that Joe McLaughlin does not have a clear grasp of state government and reform issues, and therefore does not support his election.