Assembly District 87 - Democratic Primary


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Age: 51
Chief of Staff, Assemblymember Peter Rivera

Education: JD (name of degree granting institution not provided)

Danny Figueroa is running for State Assembly to continue serving the community where he has lived his entire life. Figueroa has a long history of community service, first as a criminal defense attorney and for the last twenty years, as the chief of staff for Assembly member Peter Rivera. Figueroa supports most of Citizens Union’s reform goals, including a state campaign finance system with public matching funds.  He is also passionate about increasing voter turnout. He wants to examine further the issues of election-day registration and simplifying the court system into a two-tiered system. Figueroa’s top priorities for the Bronx beyond reform are improving the quality of life and making the Bronx more business friendly. Figueroa believes that he will be an effective legislator because of his long experience in Albany and his many long-standing connections to the community. Citizens Union admires Figueroa‘s experience and commitment to the community.  We believe his genuine and affable personality coupled with his knowledge of state government will make him an effective advocate for reform, and therefore prefer him.


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Age: 48

Education: Hofstra University (BS and JD)
Luis Sepulveda is motivated to run for State Assembly because he wants to improve his community. Sepulveda has done pro-bono legal work in the community for over twenty years. In recent years, he has hosted town hall meetings on policing issues and created the Cross Bronx Initiative to present to the federal government a plan to reduce traffic and improve air quality. Sepulveda is knowledgeable about and generally supports Citizens Union’s reform agenda, favoring campaign finance reform and changes to the ballot petitioning process. He will vote for second passage of the constitutional amendment to reform redistricting. His primary concerns related to the Bronx are public safety and education. He believes stop and frisk should be reformed and that the auxiliary police should be used to build bridges between the youth in the community and the police. Citizens Union believes that Sepulveda has a good understanding of his community’s needs and local and statewide issues. Citizens Union believes he is a qualified and able candidate and would be a good elected representative, but lacks the appealing experience of his opponent.