Brooklyn Borough President - General Election

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Endorsed Candidate - Eric Adams (D, WF)
Age: 53 Occupation: Member, NYS Senate
Education: NYC Technical College and John Jay School of Criminal Justice (BA); Marist College (MPA)

Eric Adams has been a member of the New York State Senate since 2007, and was previously a police officer for the New York Police Department. He has been an active community member, having co-founded 100 Black Men in Law Enforcement Who Care. He is running for Brooklyn Borough President because he believes that given the limited powers of the office, “the person makes the office,” and he has the energy and ability to use its powers effectively. If elected, he would focus on financial literacy, conducting studies to recommend policies that will ensure that Brooklyn residents – particularly those below the poverty line – are educated about their finances so that they are better able to save money and avoid foreclosure and credit card debt. Adams would also focus on healthy food for schools and the general public, partnering with farms in Upstate New York, creating roof-top gardens, and mapping “food deserts.” Regarding job creation, he would seek to create incubators for growing industries like 3D printing, and local artisan food production. On government reform, Adams supports all of Citizens Union’s agenda, and he specifically would seek to open up his office through online transparency of office’s schedule as well as discretionary funds. He believes, however, that nonprofits are too dependent on discretionary funds, and supports action by the city to ensure that they are more self-dependent and able to raise their own funds outside of government. Regarding community boards, Adams supports term limits and standardization, and would look at models such as Manhattan Borough President Stringer’s reforms. In ensuring that community boards have the tools they need, he would partner with the City University of New York (CUNY) to bring in volunteer students to educate community boards about land use, health, and other issues, believing that it would have reciprocal benefits for students. Citizens Union believes that Adams will be energetic voice for the borough of Brooklyn, and has a good grasp of government reform issues that will enable him to manage the office effectively and transparently.


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Elias Weir (C)
Age: 55 Occupation: Political Consultant
Education: New York Institute of Technology (BA)

Elias Weir is running for Brooklyn Borough President because he believes that certain neighborhoods in Brooklyn have not been adequately represented, and too many citizens have a negative reaction to city government. If elected, he would seek to reduce litter, which he believes has created additional problems regarding flooding. He would also seek to address quality of life issues such as noise pollution. Weir would focus on educating Brooklyn residents about the environment, and would charter a fishing boat to enable school-age youth to learn about nature and the food chain. Regarding reform issues, Weir believes that community boards are not representative of their communities, and would seek to open up the appointment process to any interested applicants, and would select individuals who can “think outside the box.” Regarding the capital budget, he would create an advisory board to assist him in making spending decisions. While Citizens Union believes that Weir is sincere in his desire to represent the borough and include more voices in government, his lack of knowledge of policy issues prevents him from earning our support.