City Council District 45 - Democratic Primary

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Preferred Candidate - Jumaane D. Williams - Dem
Age: 37 Occupation: Member, NYC Council
Education: Brooklyn College (BA); Brooklyn College (MS)

Jumaane Williams is seeking a second term to finish what he was unable to accomplish during his first term. He hopes to continue serving the community by highlighting issues that have been steadily ignored, as he had done before being elected serving as a housing organizer. If re-elected, Williams plans to prioritize public safety by improving policing on the streets, as well as refocusing his efforts on providing better access to education. In terms of public safety, he believes that the police should not be the only agency working to improve safety and address gun violence. Rather, the community should target the root of the problem and access mental health agencies or education programs to help with preventing future violence. Regarding Citizens Union’s reform issues, he supports an even distribution of discretionary funding, and has implemented participatory budgeting in his district. He is also committed to reforming the rules of the City Council, and has begun discussions with his colleagues in the City Council in that regard. He hopes to raise the bar for integrity for all members, in addition to changing the culture of the City Council to ensure members are more independent in their actions. Williams has also developed a package of reforms to the City Charter to improve the balance of power in city government. Citizens Union believes that Williams is genuine in his support for a reform-minded legislative agenda, and will be an effective and passionate advocate for our issues. He once again earns our support. 


Jean H. Similien - Dem

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Godwin B. Williams - Dem
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