City Council District 9 - Democratic Primary

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Inez Dickens - Dem
Age: 63 Occupation: Member, NYC Council
Education: New York University (degree not reported); Howard University (degree not reported)

Inez Dickens is the current incumbent for Council District 9, having been first elected in 2005. Dickens is running because she would like to continue the progress she has made on projects in her district, in particular for capital improvements. Her top priorities include securing funding for health care facilities and parks within her district, specifically for Harlem Hospital, Marcus Garvey Park and Morningside Park. Regarding Citizens Union’s reform priorities, while she does not support all of our reforms, such as campaign finance reforms to address issues of pay-to-play, she supports increasing oversight of campaign finance filings to ensure that abuses of public funds do not occur. While Dickens supports the continuation of stop, question and frisk, she believes that its implementation has been flawed, and supports community policing as an additional means of improving relationships between communities and the police. Regarding budget reforms, Dickens believes that the contracting process is in need of reform, though she supports the current member item allocation system. While Citizens Union believes that Dickens would continue to be an effective representative for her district, her lack of support for many of our issues, including rules reforms and ensuring a more equitable needs-based approach to member item allocation prevents us from preferring her candidacy.

Vincent Morgan - Dem
Has not returned questionnaire
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