We join thousands of New Yorkers in a march from Foley Square to Cadman Plaza to demand an end family separation. We will channel outrage into a powerful, singular voice demanding that President Trump stop locking up children and families fleeing violence and persecution.

What: End Family Separation NYC Rally and March
Where: Foley Square, Manhattan to Cadman Plaza, Brooklyn
When: Saturday, June 30 from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. (click this link for a more detailed schedule)
Who: Citizens Union and over 75 co-sponsors

Why have we decided to support the march?

On Tuesday, a federal court ordered President Trump to reunite separated families within 30 days — a decision the government is expected to appeal. This is a small step towards victory for families that are separated, but the fight isn't over. 

We need you to help keep up the pressure to make sure that the children separated from their parents who have been sent to New York State — and those around the nation — are returned to their families, ASAP. Families fleeing violence and persecution must remain together and free!

We need all of New York to come out and show this administration that we will not rest until they reverse this inhumane "zero tolerance" policy. There is NO plan for reunification; there is NO clear tracking system for the children that were already forcibly stolen from their families; and there is NO plan to stop criminalizing asylum seekers at the border. We need the "zero tolerance" policy to end NOW.

Join us in fighting for ALL families torn apart by this government's cruel and immoral treatment of immigrants.