Governor - 2018 Primary




★ Preferred Candidate ★

Andrew Cuomo – Dem
Candidate has returned a questionnaire 
Age: 60
Occupation: Governor
Education: Fordham University, B.A.; Albany Law School, J.D.

Andrew Cuomo has served as governor of New York State for two terms and, prior to that, was
the state Attorney General for one term. Before seeking elected office, he was the Secretary of
Housing and Urban Development for four years in the Clinton administration. As governor, he
championed the passage of the Marriage Equality Act, enacted stronger gun control laws,
established paid family leave, and raised the state minimum wage to among the highest in the
country. Recently, he championed free college tuition for qualified applicants and signed an
executive order enfranchising people on parole through conditional pardons. He also worked
closely with Citizens Union to enact legislative redistricting reform.

On the other hand, Citizens Union has criticized Cuomo over prematurely closing the Moreland
Commission in the midst of its investigation of public corruption, not doing enough to advance
ethics reform, and permitting a lack of transparency around billions of dollars in each year’s
state budget.

However, in his interview with Citizens Union, Cuomo committed to supporting a “database of
deals,” which would list all taxpayer subsidies to corporations, and track the state’s return on
investment. He also committed to support changing the state law that shields police disciplinary
records from the public and said that he would push voting reform in his third term. While
acknowledging concerns, Citizens Union prefers Andrew Cuomo in this race because of his
extensive experience in New York State government, his administration's many
accomplishments, and with the expectation that he will honor his commitment to advance
these reforms.


Cynthia Nixon – Dem
Candidate has returned a questionnaire
Age: 52
Occupation: Actor
Education: Barnard College, B.A.

Cynthia Nixon is an education and LGBTQ rights advocate, and an actor. She has been a
spokesperson for the Alliance for Quality Education for 17 years and has lobbied the city and
state for public school funding. In 2010, she became a leader in a campaign to unseat state
senators who opposed marriage equality, and continued her advocacy until its passage into law.
Nixon’s top priorities include providing fair and equitable funding for public schools, creating
driver’s licenses for undocumented New Yorkers, improving rent stabilization laws, enacting
campaign finance and ethics reform, and eliminating cash bail. Her campaign has also focused
on plans to improve MTA services and create a single-payer healthcare system. Nixon supports
all of the reforms on Citizens Union’s questionnaire.

In an interview with Citizens Union, she emphasized campaign finance reforms like closing the
LLC loophole, creating a public matching funds system for state campaigns, and lowering
contribution limits. Nixon is clearly passionate about serving New York State and speaks

knowledgeably about the issues she supports. However, Citizens Union has concerns that she
does not have sufficient experience to undertake an executive role that is so consequential to
all New Yorkers.