Content Contractor

Looking for a developer to do a BASIC website transfer. The job is to copy content (text, pictures, styling) from an existing website to a new website we are building. You will start out with two specific websites, one that you will bring content from and the new one that is being built. It is extremely important that the work is double checked on the front end so that all formatting conforms to organizational standards. All images need to be downloaded locally, uploaded to the media library, and added to the pages. Any links that are on the pages need to be edited (changed to a relative URL to a page on development site) if they are pointed to the original domain.    

Attention to detail is a must!

The applicant must be familiar with CSS, HTML, and Wordpress.

Compensation and Commitment: Compensation is commensurate with experience, 15 hours a week, 6 weeks, minimum.

To apply:

Email resume, cover letter, and examples of previous work transferring HTML to Wordpress to


Public Affairs and Communications Internship – Summer 2018

Do you want to strengthen democracy and improve New York City and state? Do you want to build a political system that is fair and open to all, that values each voice, and that engages every voter? Are you ready to fight against corruption; work to improve our voting and electoral systems; and press for city and state governments that are transparent, accountable, and efficient? Do you want to collaborate with others to create a cleaner, healthier democratic process for all? Do you believe every person living in New York City and state should have a chance to be an active participant in the democratic process? Are you principled and pragmatic; seeking the highest common ground while working to achieve realistic outcomes that advance the cause of political reform?

Citizens Union is all of this and much more. Since its founding in 1897 in response to the corruption of Tammany Hall and throughout our history, Citizens Union has been responsible for some of the most significant reforms in New York City and state government. Today, our work focuses on six key areas:

  • Voting and Elections: We want to improve all aspects of the voting process. From efforts to make it easier for candidates to get on the ballot to fostering competition essential to a healthy democracy; to voter registration being a straightforward and streamlined process ensuring citizens register; to voters having more ways and days to cast their ballot increasing access and boosting turnout.
  • Money in Politics: We want to counter the exploitative influence of campaign contributions on policy and governance – from who wins elections to legislative outcomes.
  • Curbing Corruption: We want stronger ethics oversight, a better financial disclosure system of the outside income of public officials, and online, publicly accessible reporting of lobbying and campaign activity of those who are paid to influence elections and governmental decisions.
  • Open Government: We want to make it simpler and easier for all to access information on the workings of government and activities of elected representatives.
  • Balance of Powers: We want more open decision-making in Albany. We want the city of New York to have greater control over its affairs.
  • Government Spending: Citizens Union seeks to inject greater transparency into the process by which New York taxes are spent by increasing clarity and accountability within budgets to enable more significant public oversight of government performance.


  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Proficient at Photoshop and Indesign
  • Highly organized and able to work well collaboratively
  • Proficiency in social media a must – Facebook, Twitter, reddit, and instagram
  • Digital communication enthusiast
  • Public relations, marketing, campaign or community management experience, a plus

Under the direction of the Communications and Marketing Manager you will:

  • Develop creative and engaging content to shed light on the policy work of the organization for our member communications and social media
  • Collect research for online outreach projects
  • Assist with the promotion and organizing of public forums
  • Monitor effective benchmarks for measuring the impact of our communications and social media programs, and analyze and report on effectiveness of campaigns in an effort to maximize results
  • Monitor news trends for New York City and state
  • Monitor the press for news relating to the breadth of our policy initiatives and issue areas 

The internship will last throughout the summer (June-August) with flexible start and end dates. We require interns to commit a minimum of at least two full days per week and are willing to work with your academic institution if you are interested in receiving credit.  We do not offer paid internships; however, we provide a modest travel stipend and meals.

To apply: Please submit a cover letter highlighting your experience and interests along with a résumé or link to a portfolio site via email to or mail to Priscilla Grim, Citizens Union, 299 Broadway Suite 700, NY, NY 10007; or Fax: (212)-227-0345. Your cover letter should include what attracts you to this position, what skills you would bring to the internship, when you hope to start, and how much time you can spend with us. 


Internships and Employment Opportunities


Volunteers and interns play a central role in the work of Citizens Union. They contribute their time by helping out in our office, researching issues, assisting staff, writing articles, staffing events and much more.  Please consider volunteering with us. 

For more information contact

Current internships and employment opportunities with Citizens Union can be found here.
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