Issues of Statewide Importance

Throughout its history, Citizens Union has weighed in on issues involving political reform and those of good and effective government.  It also has offered its views on issues that rise to a level of significant statewide importance, such as the appointment of lieutenant governor and how to resolve the recent leadership stalemate in the New York State Senate.  


Below please find links to Citizens Union's recent activity regarding issues of statewide importance.


Appointment of a Lieutenant Governor and the Senate Stalemate

During the recent Senate stalemate in Albany, Citizens Union was at the forefront of finding a realistic solution to end the impasse and ensure that government gets back to work for its constituents.  Citizens Union, with its good government colleagues, also offered a blueprint for a short-term agreement to end the Senate leadership stalemate.  We also, after thorough legal research and analysis, found that it was possible for Governor Paterson to appoint a lieutenant governor, who would serve as the presiding officer of the Senate.  Based upon Citizens Union and its colleagues’ recommendation, Governor Paterson appointed Richard Ravitch as lieutenant governor.  Citizens Union will continue to monitor these issues to ensure that government is acting efficiently and effectively on behalf of all New Yorkers and that elected officials place reform initiatives at the top of their agendas.