Policy Reports

September 2016

Spending in the Shadows: Nonspecific Funding in the FY 2017 New York State Enacted Budget 


February 2016

Spending in the Shadows: Discretionary Funding in the NYS Budget – FY 2017 Executive Budget Update 


March 2015

Spending in the Shadows: Discretionary Funding in the NYS Budget - FY 2014-2016 Update   

Accompanying data

April 2015 Addendum - Final Budget

Accompanying data - Addendum

Lump Sum Funds

Community Projects Fund

October 2014

 2014 Election Outcomes Are In: Rigged Redistricting System Will Re-Elect Dozens of Incumbents Before a Single Vote is Cast

October 2014

 A Broken Promise: Agency-Based Voter Registration in New York City

October 2014
Rigged to Maintain Power: How NYS' 2012 Redistricting Protected Incumbents and Continued Majority Party Control

March 2014

Fair Elections for New York State - 2014 Update: How Public Matching Creates Greater Voter Choice and Competition

 November 2013

 Transparency Working Group Report: Progress and Challenges with NYC Open Data Law 

September 2013

Spending in the Shadows: Discretionary Funding in the NYS Budget

May 2013

Hidden from View: The Undisclosed Campaign Activities of Political Clubs in New York

January 2013

2012 Election Analysis: How Gerrymandering Skews Party Representation and Creates Uncontested Elections 

November 2012

Fair Elections for New York State: How Public Matching Creates Greater Voter Choice and Competition

May 2012

Creating a More Objective and Equitable Discretionary Funding Process in New York City 

April 2012

NYU Capstone Report - Tensions, Trends and Trade-offs: Recommendations Toward an Equitable, Efficient and Effective New York City Civil Service System
March 2012

Diminished Accountability: How Discipline for Misconduct is Downgraded by the NYPD 

March 2012

 A New Transparency for New York State: Using the Explosion of Information Technology to Open NY Government (Citizens Union, Common Cause, LWVNY, NYPIRG and Reinvent Albany) 

November 2011

ReShaping New York: Ending the Rigged Practice of Partisan Gerrymandering with and Impartial and Independent Redistricting Process (report body)

ReShaping New York: Executive Summary  

ReShaping New York: Appendices  


June 2011

Circumventing Democracy: The Flawed Process for Filling Vacancies in State Government, 2011 Update

May 2011

Citizens Union Report and Recommendations to the 2011 City Lobbying Commission

February 2011

Examining Turnover in the New York State Legislature: 2009-2010 Update

November 2010

CU Analysis of Online Sample Ballot Practices in New York State County Boards of Election 

August 2010

Voter Turnout Analysis: Nonpartisan City Council Special Elections Have a Higher Turnout than Partisan State Legislative Special Elections 

June 2010

2010 City Charter Revision Recommendations: Increasing Avenues for Governing and Elections in New York City 

Executive Summary and List of Recommendations

November 2009

EXAMINING TURNOVER IN THE NEW YORK STATE LEGISLATURE: Ethical Misconduct Increasingly the Cause for Legislators Leaving 


June 2009

IMPROVING MAYORAL CONTROL: Strengthening Accountability, Transparency and Parental Participation in Public Education 


May 2009

NEW YORK NEEDS ELECTION REFORM NOW: From Industrial Age Patronage to Information Age Accountability 


Executive Summary and Recommendations 

Detailed Recommendations

October 2007

Your Tax Dollars at Work: City Council Spending on Advertisements
Addendum 1
Addendum 2

Addendum 3

April 2007

 Circumventing Democracy: The Flawed System for Filling Vacancies for Elected Office in New York 



Project Report: 2006 Poll Worker Recruitment Program

Principles of Council Reform: Ideas for a More Democratic and Effective City Council