Senate District 10 - Democratic Primary

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 Lynn Nunes's Candidate Questionnaire 

Age: 25 Occupation: Self-employed, real estate
Education: Queens College (BA)

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Lynn Nunes, owner and founder of Five Star Realty, will strongly advocate for issues like charter schools and marriage equality if elected state senator. Nunes is a strong challenger, having lost by just four votes in the 2009 City Council elections for district 28 against incumbent Councilmember Thomas White.  Nunes supports Citizens Union’s position on independent redistricting and to oppose any alternatives to it.  He also supports a similar independent structure for ethics oversight bodies.  To address the structural gaps in the state’s budget, Nunes calls for a review of government programs on a case-by-case basis to eliminate waste. He is open to controversial cuts but clarifies that areas in the public sector such as education should ideally stay untouched. He believes legislators should lead by example when it comes to fiscal discipline, emphasizing cuts to stipends. To maintain and expand affordable senior housing, Nunes hopes to draw on his occupational background to work with banks and enact strong legislation to assist homeowners facing foreclosure. Nunes’ firm grasp of state issues and connection to his district establishes him as a strong candidate for state senate and earns the preference of Citizens Union.

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