Senate District 10 - Democratic Primary 2012




Age: 50+
City Council member since 2001
Brooklyn College (BA)

James Sanders currently serves as a Councilmember and wants to run for state senate because of the state’s broad authority over city affairs. Sanders feels he has made a difference in the City Council and believes he can help reform Albany. If elected, Sanders would focus on economic development by linking the development of JFK Airport to the surrounding community. Sanders advocates for establishing a vocational school focusing on the hotel and hospitality trade in the Rockaways so graduates can work in the area’s many hotels and at JFK Airport.  Concerning reform issues, Sanders is in support of a professional body that can address redistricting, and will vote in favor of second passage of the constitutional amendment. Sanders also supports replicating at the state level the city’s campaign finance system with public matching funds, but believes the city’s appeals process needs to be improved. Sanders presents himself as a lawmaker who votes his conscience and can work across party lines. Sanders is more knowledgeable about community issues than reform of Albany but Citizens Union believes he will be a stronger proponent for reform than the incumbent.  We prefer his candidacy.





Age: 34
Self employed

Education:  New York University (BS)

Gian Jones, raised in the Rockaways, is running to bring his youthful vision for the community to the State Senate. He has been involved in the community for many years as a real estate broker and in various community and campaign positions for Greg Meeks, Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, and the Reverend Floyd Flake. He wants to revitalize economic development in the Rockaways through the establishment of a community credit union. He also wants to improve the district’s health care services. Jones thinks the quality of education should be strengthened in New York City, stating that he will sit with experts to explore possible solutions to the many different issues in education. Regarding good government, he supports election reform issues, believing there should be fewer obstacles to running for office. While Mr. Jones is thoughtful on the issues, Citizens Union found that he is still formulating his positions on many policy issues and lacked clarity on how to reform Albany.

Has not returned questionnaire

Age: 75
State Senator since 2006