Senate District 11 - General Election



Age: 60
Occupation: State Senator since 2010
Education: N/A

Incumbent Tony Avella was elected in 2010 and was previously a city councilmember from 2001 to 2008. Avella states that he has a reputation of fighting for reform in Albany but acknowledges that a lot more needs to be done, which is why he is running for re-election. Avella is a strong supporter of reform, citing issues like term limits, a full-time legislature and strengthening ethics laws as his top priorities. Avella supports establishing at the state level a campaign finance system with public matching funds based on New York City’s model but believes that compliance needs to be made simpler for candidates. He is also in favor of lowering contribution limits. Avella supports independent redistricting reform and would vote for the second passage of the constitutional amendment. In addition, Avella believes that stronger ethics laws are integral to restoring faith in government and has introduced legislation to strengthen JCOPE, the state ethics body. Overall, Avella recognizes that reform issues cannot be tackled alone and he welcomes steps in the right direction while fighting for more comprehensive reforms. He is reliably outspoken on reform issues and presents ideal solutions but is also pragmatic in welcoming incremental steps toward reform. Citizens Union recognizes Avella’s dedication to reform issues which is why he earns our endorsement.






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