Senate District 20 - General Election


Age: 51

Occupation: Senator, NYS Senate

Education: Marist College (MA)

Eric Adams was first elected to the state senate in 2006.  Prior to running for office, Adams served for 22 years with the New York Police Department.  Adams supports nearly all of Citizens Union’s reform agenda, in particular campaign finance reform, believing that it is the single most important item that can change how state government operates.  Adams supports greater oversight of local police agencies, including the NYPD, in particular with regard to stop and frisk. He supports modifying mayoral control of schools and believes charter schools should have some percentage of special needs students to level the playing field in terms of measuring schools’ successes. He also wants to better track Department or Education spending and eliminate waste. Around constituent services, Adams identifies parenting, housing, education and law enforcement as his top priorities. Citizens Union believes that Adams has been a capable legislator who has served his constituents well.  We endorse Eric Adams due to his demonstrated commitment to reform issues and his effectiveness in Albany.





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