Senate District 22 - General Election 2012



Age: (N/A)
Occupation: Senator, NYS Senate
Education: St. Johns University (AA)

Martin Golden is running for re-election because he is proud of his achievements in the senate, and plans to continue to advance legislation to improve public safety, and other important city issues.  While Golden does not support a state campaign financing system with public matching funds, he supports increasing the amount of money allotted to the State Board of Elections to audit campaigns, because he believes this action would deter improper use of campaign funds.  Golden supports the second passage of the constitutional amendment to create an independent redistricting commission.  Earlier this year, Golden sought to address election administration problems by introducing legislation to implement an electronic vote counting procedure in advance of the 2012 primary elections.  Additionally, he sees the need for modifications to the Board of Elections, and supports changing it to a nonpartisan, merit-based agency.  Regarding other issues, if re-elected, Golden aims to increase the number of classroom seats in his district and to pursue Public Private Partnerships and tax credits to encourage economic growth.  He supports economic development that benefits the city as a whole rather than just narrowly in his district, recognizing that regional economic growth will positively benefit his constituents. Golden believes that he is uniquely capable, as the senior majority senator from New York City, of advancing important policy issues affecting New York City. Due to his broad thinking in terms of policy goals for New York City rather than only in his district, understanding of reform issues and his influence in the legislature, Citizens Union endorses Martin Golden.




Age: 27
Occupation: Director of External Affairs, Citizens Committee for New York City
Education: Hunter College (BA); George Washington University (JD)

Andrew Gounardes is running for election because he sees the lack of competitive elections as an impediment to having effective government in New York State.  Gounardes supports all of Citizens Union’s reform agenda.  He is a strong supporter of redistricting reform, having worked at the Citizens Committee for New York City to advance independent redistricting legislation in 2011.  Gounardes also supports a state campaign financing system with public matching funds, and other campaign finance reform such as decreasing individual campaign contribution limits.   If elected, Gounardes would focus on education, transportation and helping small businesses in his district.  He finds the current mayoral control system for New York City schools lacking accountability, and suggests more oversight from the state legislature.  Gounardes is troubled by the decline in the number of local small businesses in his district, and is examining a proposal to decrease the sales tax levied to consumers who shop at small businesses, while increasing the sales tax at large chain stores.  Gounardes also aims to improve public transportation in his district, proposing a reallocation of funds from Long Island Rail Road and Metro North to subway and bus lines in the city.  Citizens Union was impressed by Gounardes’ enthusiasm for reform issues and his demonstrated commitment to independent redistricting; however, we are concerned that his support of our reform agenda in the state legislature would not carry the same weight as the incumbent’s, particularly given the latter’s experience moving issues forward in the legislature.