Senate District 26 - General Election


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Liz Krueger's Candidate Questionnaire

Age: 52  Occupation: Senator, NYS Senate

Education: Northwestern University (BS); University of Chicago (MA)

Campaign website:

Liz Krueger is running for re-election to Senate District 26, having served in office since 2002 and having previously run for the seat in 2000.  She stated that before she was in the Senate majority, she sought to learn the legislative process in a way that few legislators do so that she would be able to mount real change if later in the majority. She believes that there is much more to do with the Senate to ensure that reforms are enacted, and is running to continue her work in this regard.  As Vice Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, Krueger sees the New York State budget as one of her main priorities, believing that needed social services should be protected while addressing the inevitable budget shortfalls.  Regarding education, she supported the “Race to the Top” reforms to charter schools that create greater accountability.  Krueger believes that greater investment is needed in infrastructure to address quality of life issues, including transportation to encourage smart growth.  She also introduced legislation to provide tax relief to businesses affected by the Second Avenue subway construction, which was vetoed by the Governor. Krueger supports the creation of affordable housing, and believes that a 21st Century model of Mitchell Lama should be developed.  On reform issues, Krueger supports Citizens Union’s reform agenda, and has introduced bills for many of these initiatives, in addition to co-sponsoring other reform legislation.  As the Chair of the Select Committee on Budget and Tax Reform, she has introduced a package of bills to improve the budget process, including the institution of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), implementing performance-based budgeting and moving the fiscal year start date to June 1, among other items.  Citizens Union believes that Liz Krueger is a strong advocate for reform, and has shown commitment to these issues through her thoughtful study of the budget process and introduction of reform legislation.  Citizens Union supports her re-election, as she is a reform-minded legislator and an effective representative of her community.

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Saul Farber's Candidate Questionnaire

Age: 25  Occupation: Currently campaigning full-time

Education: New York University (BA)3

Campaign website:

Saul Farber is running his second campaign for public office, having previously run against Assemblymember Richard Gottfried in Assembly District 75.  He describes himself as an unusual Republican, as he is pro-choice, supports gay marriage and is socially liberal, but fiscally conservative.  Farber’s goals, if elected, are to provide for New York City’s fair share of revenue for items such as education, to reinstate the sales tax exemption for clothing under $110 and instituting term limits for state officials.  He also supports creating tax relief for businesses affected by the Second Avenue subway construction.  Farber supports the majority of Citizens Union’s reform agenda, though he does not support public financing of campaigns at this time given budget shortfalls, and believes that the New York City program has not worked to reduce the influence of special interests.  Regarding lower contribution limits for special interests, he believes that they should be lowered across the board for corporations as well as unions.  Farber states that he would be a loud voice for reform in the Senate, and that he has more “fight” in him as a new voice than the incumbent, Liz Krueger.  Citizens Union believes that Saul Farber is an intelligent, thoughtful and reform-minded candidate, but currently lacks the experience to be a more effective legislator than the incumbent.  We encourage him to remain active in politics, as he is one of those challengers that we would like to see challenge a different incumbent in the future.