Senate District 27 - Democratic Primary


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Age: 46
Former General Counsel, Partnership for New York City

Education: West Virginia University (BA); Harvard Law School (JD); Oxford University (MA, Philosophy)

Brad Hoylman is running for senate because he would like to continue his public service and likes solving local problems. He is the former General Counsel for the Partnership for New York City, and has served as chair of Community Board 2 in Manhattan. Hoylman supports all of Citizens Union’s reform agenda, in particular a campaign finance system with public matching funds at the state level, having qualified for public matching funds when he prepared to run for City Council. He would vote in favor of second passage of the redistricting constitutional amendment. Regarding budget reform, he supports a decentralized process that allows rank-and-file members of the legislature a more meaningful role. The main district issues he would address if elected include affordable housing, including preservation of existing affordable housing such as Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town, and providing for more community involvement in public education. Hoylman considers himself an independent voice, having opposed the NYU expansion and the Chelsea Market addition in his role as Chair of Community Board 2.  Hoylman demonstrates a deep and thorough knowledge of public policy and reform issues and has extensive experience in working with many parts of the community. Citizens Union therefore prefers his candidacy.



Age: 36
Owner & Operator of the Ritz Lounge, Hell’s Kitchen

Education:  University of Hartford (BA)

Tom Greco is running for state senate because as a small business owner operating in the community, he feels he understands local issues and wants to effectively address them. As a business owner, Greco believes he can bring a unique perspective to Albany. Concerning reform issues, Greco supports a state campaign finance system with public matching funds based on the city’s model, which he believes would make it considerably easier for first time candidates to run. Greco also voiced support for second passage of the constitutional amendment on redistricting. Beyond these two reform issues however, Greco admits he needs to learn more before forming opinions. Other issues that Greco is passionate about include education reform, affordable housing and health care. Greco firmly believes that teachers must be invested in the community for education reform to succeed.  He backs the Mitchell-Lama program as a model for affordable housing. Citizens Union commends Greco’s dedication to the community and is encouraged by his potential and enthusiasm for public office, but found him lacking in-depth knowledge on certain public policy and reform issues.



Age: 38
Teacher, NYC Dept. of Education

Education: MA, Education (Name of degree-granting institution not provided)

Tanika Inlaw is a current public schools teacher in New York City who is running for election because she would like to be the voice of ordinary New Yorkers who feel shut out of the political process. She previously served as the President of the Yonkers NAACP. She supports Citizens Union’s reform issues, in particular a campaign finance system with public matching funds at the state level, believing that it is important for more voters to get involved in elections and to give more individuals the opportunity to run for office. The main issues she would address if elected include public education, campaign finance reform and affordable housing. Given her experience as a teacher, she believes she has insight on reforming education to ensure that high quality teachers are retained and that student performance is measured accurately. While Inlaw is passionate about reform issues and genuine in her commitment to serve the district, she lacks substantive knowledge of policy issues beyond education.