Senate District 28 - Democratic Primary

Preferred Candidate
(photo from NYS Senate website)


 Jose Serrano's Candidate Questionnaire 

Age: 38; Occupation: Senator, NYS Senate

Education: Manhattan College (BA)

José Serrano, the incumbent state senator for the 28th district, is running for reelection.  His top priority is to increase affordable housing throughout the district.  Senator Serrano is a leader on reform in the legislature, specifically authoring the member item reform bill (S.7007) and refusing to accept member items for his high-need district as evidence of his commitment to meaningful reform.  A supporter of public campaign financing, Senator Serrano plans to make campaign finance reform a major priority should he serve another term, believing that campaign finance reform is the foundation for all other reform as it makes legislators more accountable to their constituents than campaign donors.  Serrano also supports the creation of an independent redistricting commission, believing that transparency of the process of drawing district lines and empowerment of minority communities are essential elements of a redistricting reform package.  Serrano has been responsive to his constituents and has proven that he is a leader in the Senate on reform issues, which is why Citizens Union has opted to prefer Senator Serrano for reelection in the 28th district. 



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