Senate District 32 - Democratic Primary

Preferred Candidate
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Age: 40; Occupation: Bronx Democratic County Committee

Education: Stony Brook University (BA); New York Law School (JD)

A former delegate to the 2008 Democratic Party convention and a frequent staffer and volunteer for progressive causes and political campaigns in several states, Charlie Ramos states that his primary reason for seeking office is to offer voters a distinct alternative to sitting Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr. Upset by continually low voter turnout within his district, Ramos proposes several reforms aimed at combating the trend such as establishing election days as holidays during which the sale of liquor would be prohibited.  Additionally, Ramos advocates for stronger enforcement against voter fraud and for instituting a lower threshold of ballot petitions for political candidates for state office.  Preferred by several groups supporting marriage equality, Ramos stresses his support for same-sex marriage as an important policy distinction, with Senator Diaz having voted against it.  When asked about his position on redistricting bills, Ramos states that he would support an independent redistricting commission that creates a buffer between legislators and apportionment commission members who draw district lines.  He opposes the current reapportionment process that allows legislators to draw district boundaries themselves or directly choose those who do.  While Citizens Union questions the depth of support for Ramos’ campaign in the face of a well-financed incumbent and notes his uneven knowledge of complex reform issues, he is more deeply committed to reform than his opponent, so Citizens Union prefers Charlie Ramos in the primary.


(photo from NYS Senate website)


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